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6 months with my iPhone 4S

A tumblr post by user @streakmachine has inspired me to write a little about the device I love to love. My iPhone 4S. In this 21st century first world, full of problems, often quoted on the web are folks displeased with their phone of choice. Phones not even in the hands of the consumer are even damned and deemed worthless. It makes me sad when the hatred is steered at the iPhone because this device has seriously changed my world and only for the better.

I can understand device frustration. I had an HD2. Though it gave me hell it holds a place in my heart. I saw something so flawed and at times downright useless through development and porting a better OS running on the NAND of the thing and really loathed how much time I spent not being able to do what I needed it to do. I knew that the end of useful life was drawing closer and I had to find a replacement. I thought only jokingly about getting an iPhone. Then over time I strongly considered it because Android was becoming more frustrating and just look at all the happy iphone users out there! What did I have to lose? 

I made up my mind that I would have that iPhone4S in white. 

On the fateful day of July 1, 2012 the HD2 gave me one last old man middle finger and the touch screen failed. I tried all I could to revive it but no luck.. Had to go find that iPhone! 

So on or around the 4th of July I had in my hot little hand direct from Sprint a beige box containing a refurbished white iPhone4S just for me. When I opened the box and removed it, I could not believe how gorgeous it was. It was a little hefty, which told me a little about the quality. All good. 

The experience after that has been nothing short of amazing.. Better apps, Siri, the camera. It goes everywhere with me and if I could permanently attach it to my person, I would.. 

The retina display was just amazing. Despite the downgrade in screen size from the HD2, my eyes met iPhone4S and breathed a huge sigh of relief, they might have danced a little jig too! I now could enjoy reading/writing without the pain. 

Lets move onto the camera. I love to take photos. I am visual and my camera is one thing that gets use early and often. The 4S camera is the best camera I have had in my life. Aside from maybe my old Polaroids from the 80s but thats nostalgia! 

Then something I did not expect. I am making music again thanks to iPhone. 

Long ago I said good bye to music and making it because of various things and it made me very sad. I never thought I would again be using personally beloved Roland Analogue Synthesizers and drum machines in Rebirth to kick out some jams. Garageband enables me to “play” cello and viola again, and not miss my guitar as much. I am where I wanted to be creatively and musically in 2003 running FL Studio on a PC laptop. 

Even after all that, there is more!

When it comes to getting tasks done, I frequently call on Siri and or Wolfram Alpha to calculate something or write an email. During Hurricane Sandy I was able to utilize a program called Echolink to communicate with amateur radio operators around the world in case my power failed and I needed to pass net control duty to another individual. I used the calendar to easily log my hours and share them with my communications coordinator. 

I love that I can go into the App Store and find what I want and not be afraid to download it cause it may or may not be safe. I was too preoccupied with that stuff to enjoy things on the HD2 toward the end of its life. I gladly admit this is a huge reason why I wanted to join the best Sandbox in the park. Plus, apps are QUALITY! Paying for an app was unheard of in my world before. Now, I gladly throw a little money..(Okay Okay, a LOT)..Apples way via the App Store. Much love to the devs that work their asses off to make these apps great too! 

I am not about to entertain haters, but I want to know what you like about yours and what its done to make your life better? All are welcome to share. Also thank you to streakmachine and minimalmac for the inspiration to write this here. Follow them! 

(Source: streakmachine)